India LaRoda was born in Los Angeles, CA and a proud citizen of the United Kingdom as well.  India broke cross-cultural boundaries on August 5th, 2017 when she became recognized as the first biracial, African-American and East Indian, to be a titleholder of the highly coveted Miss India America crown on the pageant's 25th anniversary. 


India, with her global platform, is an advocate for diversity and women empowerment.  She uses her podium to uplift youth, and is determined to help pave the way for equality towards underprivileged women and children in rural areas. 

She enriched her platform by becoming an author and working diligently to launch a nonprofit organization designed to benefit children whom are effected by Social Hierarchy Inequality and survivors of Child Trafficking.

In September of 2017, Miss LaRoda received the Inspirational Woman Of The Year award from the Women of Purpose organization in the United Kingdom. This award is a representation of her accomplishment in breaking the cross-cultural boundaries and opening opportunities for multiracial women. Accepting this award at an early age is a symbol of the imprint she continues to make as a humanitarian.    


India is a full-time university student. Her academic endeavors are a pathway for her to become a pediatrician. 

She obtains her certifications to conduct behavioral interventionist services for individuals with special needs.  

India graduated from Sathya Sai Baba Bal Vikas Education, equivalent to Sunday School, in 2012.  She learned the five core humanistic values: Peace, Truth, Love, Non-Violence, and Right Conduct. India strives to implement these core values throughout her reign and advocacy. 

Beauty With A Purpose



Miss LaRoda is proud to add 'Author' to her list of purpose.  

A Guide To Pageantry, launching soon.  

Additionally, she has written an informative childrens' book called My Smile. This will be released on World Smile Day of 2019.